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Ugh nostop

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I smell a new bromance…

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ok, so I paying someone back, and I wanted it to be taken out of my paypal accoount

but when I did the thing, IT TOOK IT RIGHT OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT


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I wanna see what console you guys play on!

Post for 3DS here

Post for 3DSXL here

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I few screen grabs from that Lauren Montgomery Atom Eve I colored last week. Not really indicative of my usual process but if you have coloring questions, now is the time to ask.


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There’s something strange in this house.

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Having to google internet slang your friend is using because you have no idea what the fuck it means.


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Kitten calls for backup

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Anonymous said:

how many people are you following and how many are following you?

I’m following 875 blogs (I probably should go through an unfollow inactive blogs)

and I have 891 followers.

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Oh god that looks really uncomfortable ;;

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I’m not prepared for tomorrow Podcast

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i’m really interested in seeing how clarence’s relationship with chad will pan out as the show develops. it’s refreshing to see a cartoon where the boyfriend/girlfriend of a parent isn’t villainized in the eyes of the child. clarence’s real father obviously isn’t in the picture, and although clarence is most likely emotionally damaged from it, he not only accepts chad as his new guardian/father-figure, he also embraces him. even if chad has some flaws (whether or not the milk he was drinking in the pilot was actually supposed to be milk or if it was cartoon network’s PG version of beer—alcohol substitution not uncommon for the network—is unclear), i don’t think i’m jumping the gun here by saying that even after only 3 episodes and some preview clips, it seems like chad genuinely cares for clarence, and it’s nice to see that those feelings are reciprocated and that clarence thinks chad is pretty cool, too. i’m really excited to see more interaction between clarence and his family.